Make it as easy to move nations as it is to book an airline ticket

Researching and moving to a new country is still a very complex process.
Honestly, we find it almost easier to book a ticket into space than it is to get an overview of what it takes to move from one country to another - this needs to change....


MoveNation is a team that wants to make the worlds best website for people that want to get the most out of their funds by moving from one country to another country. Our first goal is to help 1 million people move.

Our solution is to give our users an instant financial overview of all the options that other nations have to offer, how many steps it requires to move, the total costs and +50 other variables.

When we have succeed with the above we will truly have made an impact and changed the world for the better.

Thinking BIG - We believe that we can change entire countries by helping more people move from expensive cities to less expensive cities or towns. Moving pensions & wealth will create entire new economies.

We are in the absolute early-stage of our journey and you will have a huge influence on shaping our way forward.


Working in a Pension Fund or Private Banking? - We would love to hear from you.

We are experiencing a great demand for our services and we believe we could help your group as well. Welcome to the future of service demands for financial institutions from modern and well traveled customers.

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