5 Reasons Why You Should Move or Retire in Phuket, Thailand

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October 4, 2022
5 Reasons Why You Should Move or Retire in Phuket, Thailand

Retiring abroad is one of the best decisions you will make regarding retirement. It allows retirees to expand their retirement funds and experience a new culture simultaneously. This article discusses why you should add Phuket, Thailand, to your bucket list.

After working hard and long for most of your life, it is only natural that you want to pick the most affordable retirement destination. When you pick the right one, you can expand your retirement funds and diversify your wealth.

If you’re looking to cut down on costs, Thailand is ideal. Not only is it great for tourism, but Thailand makes an excellent retirement destination for foreigners with kids. It offers a high standard of living, scenic beaches, impressive infrastructure, and much more.

What Makes Phuket, Thailand, an Ideal Retirement Destination?

Generally speaking, Phuket, Thailand, is a great place to live, especially due to the easy and convenient lifestyle. If you’re finding a welcoming place to retire in Thailand, start planning your move to Phuket.

Cost of Living                                

Phuket is Thailand’s largest island, but will you believe it is 54% cheaper than the UK, according to a July 2022 report from MoveNation. In Phuket, you can maintain the same lifestyle as inLondon without spending as much. In fact, you can enjoy a higher standard of living in the city during your retirement years.

Thailand is cheap, having a family rent of $882 in Thailand and $1906 in the UK. The transport expenses are $100 in Thailand and $164 in the UK.

Way more affordable, you only need $883 to cover your monthly expenditures compared toLondon’s $2956/ month. Furthermore, you only need a budget of $250k to retire in Phuket, Thailand, whereas you need $887k for retirement in London. What else? You can retire 14 years earlier in this city.

You can compare the cost of living in Phuket, Thailand, with your current location and other cities on MoveNation.


Phuket, Thailand, is the best city for expats and retirees in the best country to live. Many foreign retirees in the city will say that moving to the city is the best decision they have made. Besides cost, the pleasant year-round weather is a major reason why Phuket is a popular retirement choice.

Phuket experiences both wet and dry seasons. The wet season in the city is overcast, while the dry season is mostly cloudy. Throughout the year, Phuket remains hot and oppressive. The average annual temperatures range between 74 degrees and 93 degrees Fahrenheit.

The temperatures rarely fall below 71 degrees or go above 98 degrees Fahrenheit.


Phuket, Thailand, is generally safe for locals, tourists, and foreign expats and retirees, though the city has its dangers. Since the city is popular for its nightlife, that itself presents multiple risks for new people in the city.

So, it is necessary to stay vigilant and watch out for crime, even though the crime rate is pretty average in Phuket. However, you should avoid traveling alone at night and look for pickpockets.


The people of Thailand are known for their kind and friendly nature, which makes the city tourist-friendly. The locals are nice to strangers and keen on learning about foreigners.

If culture shock is a major concern for you, Phuket, Thailand, will not disappoint. The locals have a relaxed nature, so you shouldn’t have difficulty adjusting.

English Proficiency Level

Phuket, Thailand, makes the ideal retirement destination for London citizens, except when it comes to the English proficiency level. According to the EF English Proficiency Index, the country ranks 100 out of 112. Yet, we would argue that this level is too low, since many people in Thailland rely on tourists and thus speak English.

With a score of 419, very few people in rural areas can understand and speak English. However, English is more common in bigger cities that see more tourists. You can access necessities like healthcare much easier in these Thai cities.

Bottom Line

Phuket, Thailand, is one of the world's most welcoming travel and retirement destinations. It boasts pleasant weather and attractive tourist spots. Plus, it is ideal for people looking for a vibrant place where they can experience a new culture. But more importantly, Phuket is much cheaper than London, allowing expats and retirees to enjoy a higher standard of living.

If you want to compare other cities with your own, check the MoveNation site here