Leave London and Retire in These Cities & Town Today

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May 23, 2022
Leave London and Retire in These Cities & Town Today

Deciding to retire abroad is always a great decision; it allows you to explore. However, the right city or town to explore is usually difficult to figure out. Check out our list of destination spots where a retiree can comfortably retire. We have many more cities of interest on our site. Some might be even better for you. On MoveNation you can filter cost-of-living, safety, weather and many more variables.

Cali, CO

Columbia is a country with something for everyone. Whether you want trips to the beach or to explore the mountains, there are several options for you. One of the cities in Columbia you should consider retiring to is Cali. This city has amazing warm weather and some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. Read more about Colombia’s economy here.

Retirees get to enjoy the diverse lifestyle options open to them in Cali. This means you can choose between the high-end gated communities to a lively downtown living option. Depending on the location, Cali is quite walkable for retirees who would like to take short walks when necessary. What we also love about Cali is how the city stays in touch with nature. Cali efficiently conserved its trees. Therefore, the streets are pretty shady. This helps to improve the temperaturein the city while also making for a comfortable city you can explore.

For entertainment, there are plenty of parts and riverfront walking areas you can explore. The cost of living is also relatively low, so you don’t have to break the bank to get a cozy apartment in Cali, enjoy a bottle of wine, or eat out. Overall, this city’s low cost of living, connection to nature, warm weather, and exciting lifestyle makes it a great choice for retirees looking for Latin spice in their life.

Monthly cost of living in Cali: $400-1000

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Budva, Montenegro

Montenegro is a country that many people overlook when they’re looking for a place to live. Some see it as a developing country. However, living in Montenegro as a retiree provides you with many opportunities. Most of them can be found in Budva, Montenegro.

This is an old town you can find on the Adriatic coast. It is a tourist hub because it comes from history with modernity. This town offers a picturesque view of the Old Town, with resort developments popping up along nearby beaches. For retirees looking for a bustling modern city, choosing Budva is excellent.

Budva is famous for its modern beach bars, crowded restaurants, and bustling nightclubs. This is an excellent choice for retirees looking for excitement and modern hang-out places. There is a strong community of ex-pats in this town as the town has a long history of Londoners moving down.

The cost of living is generally low compared to London. For example, you can access the monthly bus pass for less than €20 monthly. Utility bills are also low, and groceries are just as affordable in this town.

Monthly cost of living in Budva: $650 - 1000
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Belfort, France

Many people dream of retiring to France. The country offers a blend of the old world and modern living. It is the best place to retire as there are diverse options in the country to choose from. One of the options available to retirees looking for a quiet option is Belfort.

It comes with a rich cultural heritage, and residents usually live a laid-back lifestyle. In addition, retirees can benefit from a price-protected health system when it comes to the health system. The past few decades have seen several British ex-pats relocated to Belfort. The low cost of living and rich historical culture are reasons you should consider Belfort as a retiree.

Monthly cost of living in Belfort: $1200 - 2500
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Aveiro, Portugal

If you would like to explore Portugal, there are several locations you can explore. One of them is Aveiro, a city with its unique character and charm. Aveiro is located directly in the center of Portugal, leading to the name Venice of Portugal. Aveiro is quite a simple town with few tourists despite itsrich history. Therefore, it is common among retirees looking for a quiet cityto settle in.

Aveiro is a vibrant town center with excellent medical care, and there are several English-speaking locals in the town. You can explore many scenic routes, such as the famous Lello bookstore brought to light by J.K. Rowling, the Porto Cathedral, and many more.

The temperature in the summer is quite cool in Aveiro while Winters and wet and cold. The town’s healthcare is excellent, and there are low-cost free public-healthcare systems, or choose a private system if you’re willing to spend more. Overall, this is a perfect option for retirees.

Monthly cost of living in Aveiro: $1000-2000
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Alexandria, Egypt

Egypt is a great place to consider if you want a rich country in the city. The country has pyramids, walls, and even ancient Egyptian villages you can explore. A popular town in Egypt that you can retire to is Alexandria. One of the cities you can consider settling in Egypt in is Alexandria. This city is rich in culture and history.

Alexandria is a great choice for retirees looking for a historic location with modern options. When it comes to the cost of living, Alexandra offers affordable options. Groceries and transportation around the city are pretty easy and simple. Arabic is the national language, but there are English-speaking residents you can easily communicate with. The residents are kind and welcoming most of the time.

Monthly cost of living in Alexandria: $950-2500

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Agropoli, Italy

Agropoli is a stone-built old town that features lots of sunshine and an energetic atmosphere. This town sits along the Bay of Salerno and has over 20,000residents. However, it’s hard to believe this town isn’t bigger with its year-round activities. For retirees looking for a new spot to settle in and have an enjoyable experience, Agropoli is an excellent choice.

With Agropoli, it’s a mix of seaside locations, hiking hills, and mild weather. This town also features many shops, restaurants, and cafes to enjoy. For healthcare, there are many hospitals available to check online.

Monthly cost of living in Agropoli: $750-2500
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Final Thoughts

There, you have it. These are the some of the best cities & towns you can retire to as an alternative to London. These cities and towns offer you several benefits, history, and entertainment. So whether you’re looking for a serene location or a bustling city, you’re sure to find a fit for you on this list.